Clean Room Furniture in Nepal

We are leading Maufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Nepal. Our company manufacturer high-quality clean room furniture using steel components that meet international standards. These pieces are extensively utilized in a variety of industries, including workplaces and laboratories.
Our products were renowned for their broad range of applications, extended functioning lifespans, and environmental resilience.
These products are produced in accordance with established industry standards by employing state-of-the-art technology and quality-tested raw materials. Because of qualities including resistance to corrosion, sturdy construction, ease of use, durability, high strength, and low maintenance requirements, these are in high demand. In addition, we offer our clients services in metal fabrication and structural fabrication.

Clean Room Furniture supplier in Nepal

KJ pharma tech take pleasure in being a reliable supplier, providing a wide selection of premium clean room furniture solutions to the pharmaceutical, electronics, healthcare, and other industries. Every furniture piece is made with accuracy, robustness, and compliance in mind, guaranteeing that our goods not only fulfill but also surpass industry requirements. Our product selection is designed to improve your clean room facility's efficiency and hygiene.

Clean Room Furniture exporter in Nepal

We take pride in being a dependable provider, offering the pharmaceutical, electronics, healthcare, and other industries a large assortment of top-notch clean room furniture solutions. Every piece of furniture is constructed with precision, durability, and compliance in mind, ensuring that our products not only meet but also exceed industry standards.
Our product line is intended to increase the hygienic practices and efficiency of your clean room facilities. We therefore provide personalized options so you can modify our furniture solutions to suit your particular requirements. Whether you have concerns about installation, customization, or product selection, our team is ready to assist you at every step of the way.

Why Choose KJ pharma tech Clean Room Furniture?

Our years of experience guarantee that our clean room furniture not only meets but beyond the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other precision-dependent industries. Our focus on personalization is one of KJ Pharma Tech's defining characteristics. Our furniture provides custom solutions since we understand that every clean room facility has different needs. Our clean room furniture solutions are accessible to clients worldwide because to KJ Pharma Tech's global network.
When you choose KJ Pharma Tech means working with a partner who is dedicated to providing innovative, individualized, and high-quality clean room furniture.

Here are some compelling reasons :-

  • Industry Expertise
  • Quality Materials and Construction
  • Customization Options
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Comprehensive Product Range
  • Global Reach and Support

Nepal customers contact our company frequently when they need our clean room accessories shipped to their locations since we provide pharmaceutical equipment at a reasonable price. Our furniture for the clean room is a shining example of perfection. Our furniture guarantees a sanitary and controlled atmosphere since it is made to meet the exacting requirements of the electronics and healthcare sectors. Our furniture's versatility enables it to be easily incorporated into a variety of clean room environments, offering customized solutions for Nepal's particular needs. The last thing you want is for your workspace to become contaminated or for your furnishings to interfere with your workflow. Given that professionals are frequently confined to lab or cleanroom environments for extended periods of time, comfort is another important feature to look for in furniture.

Clean Room Furniture Nepal


Stainless Steel Pharma Furniture
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KJ Pharma Tech is One of the Best Supplier of Clean Room Furniture in Nepal





Ribbon Blender 25 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 5 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 50 Liters

Coating Pan 12 dia

Ribbon Blender 50 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 30 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 100 Liters

Coating Pan 24 dia

Ribbon Blender 100 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 60 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 200 Liters

Coating Pan 36 dia

Ribbon Blender 500 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 120 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 300 Liters

Coating Pan 48 dia

Ribbon Blender 1250 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 250 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 400 Liters

Coating Pan 60 dia

Ribbon Blender 2000 liters

Fluid Bed Dryer(FBD) 300 kgs

Starch Paste Kettle 500 Liters


Exporting to Below Countries:

Our high quality Clean Room Furniture and in-house processing capabilities have helped us to establish ourselves as one of the most promising and leading Clean Room Furniture Exporters in UAE (United Arab Emirates). We have regular shipments to various nations for our newly acquired clientele. Our ready supply of Clean Room Furniture enables us to transport and meet the demands and requirements of our customers.

Countries we export Clean Room Furniture:

Canada Nepal Qatar UAE Nepal
Zambia USA Yemen Saudi Arabia Morocco
Myanmar Nigeria Oman Philippines Poland
Romania Singapore South Africa Spain Zambia
Taiwan Thailand Turkey Uganda Cyprus

Features of Cleanroom Furniture :--


1. Material Selection:

Cleanroom furniture is typically constructed from materials that are non-porous, smooth, and easy to clean.

2. Smooth Surfaces:

Furniture surfaces are designed to be smooth and free of seams or crevices, reducing the potential for particle accumulation and making it easier to clean and sterilize.

3. Chemical Resistance:

Cleanroom furniture is often resistant to chemicals and disinfectants, ensuring that the furniture can withstand rigorous cleaning processes without degradation.

4. Modularity:

Many cleanroom furniture pieces are modular, allowing for easy customization and reconfiguration to meet specific cleanroom layout requirements.

5. Gowning Room Equipment:

Cleanroom furniture may include specialized equipment for gowning rooms, such as gowning benches, storage racks for cleanroom garments, and mirrors.

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